Airsoft Market Place

Thank you for your support over the last year of using the Airsoft Market Place.  We wanted to give the market place a try for a year to see how things went, and sadly we are having to discontinue the use of the market place due to it not being self sufficient.  The market place was costing much more than it was generating, this is mostly in part due to upkeep costs and users skirting around the fee process, making the market place no longer viable. 

We sent out an email to every user letting them know that the marketplace was shutting down, however, if you were mid conversation with a user when the service ended, we would like to apologize for you not getting to complete your conversation with that person. 

If you had just paid someone for their item and no longer have access to the marketplace to converse with them, they are still obligated to fulfill your shipment as they have a obligation through Paypal to fulfill the promised service.  (Just a reminder that we as the Market Place do not handle your transactions, all transactions are done through Paypal between the Seller and Buyer. We only collect a small portion of that as a fee for bringing you together.)  If a seller does not ship out your item, then it is up to you to claim a dispute with Paypal and or your credit card. 

If you have a pending transaction that you paid for to a seller and need assistance, please contact us at and we can attempt to help out.  Please keep in mind that the main course of action if you have an issue with a seller will be to go through Paypal to resolve it.  This also will allow you to converse directly with that person if you have no other form of communication available for them.  

Really appreciate everyone giving the market place a try. 
If you are looking for another service to utilize for buying and selling used Airsoft items, please give the Hopup App a try. 

We would like to wish you the best! 
Thank you
-Airsoft Market Team