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Grenade Launchers and Shells

Airsoft grenade launchers bring an unparalleled level of realism to tactical gameplay. From compact, pistol-style launchers to powerful, rotating CAW designs, our airsoft grenade launcher collection offers something for everyone. Made for use with launchable shells.

Airsoft Grenade Launchers and Shells

Airsoft grenade launchers come in various styles to suit players' preferences and needs. Some common types include:

Standalone: Standalone launchers come in all different types and sizes. From small, compact pistol-style launchers to the high-capacity revolving drum CAW launchers and even airsoft RPG replicas

Under-Slung Launchers: These launchers are designed to attach to the lower rail system of an airsoft rifle, providing additional firepower without hindering your primary weapon's efficiency.

Airsoft grenade launchers operate by utilizing 40mm airsoft grenade shells. To use a launcher, follow these general steps:

Insert the grenade: Place the 40mm airsoft grenade into the launcher's chamber.

Secure the grenade: Ensure that the grenade is properly secured in place within the chamber.

Prepare to fire: Aim the launcher at your target, using any sights or scopes if necessary.

Pull the trigger: When you're ready to fire, pull the trigger on the launcher.

Valve actuation: The launcher will then depress the grenade's button, which actuates the valve and causes the grenade to release its projectiles or gas cloud.

*Please note that specific instructions may vary depending on the type and model of the airsoft grenade launcher and/or shell. Always consult the user manual for specific details on operating your launcher safely and effectively.