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Airsoft Guns

At Amped, we offer the best selection of Airsoft Guns online and in-store. We have a huge selection of Airsoft Assault Rifles, Airsoft Pistols, Hi-Capas, battery powered AEG (airsoft electric gun), HPA (high pressure air guns), Sub Machine Guns, spring powered and pump action shotguns and snipers all available at competitive prices so you can get your game on.

Types of Airsoft Guns from Amped Airsoft 


Are you a beginner looking to buy your first airsoft gun, or an experienced player looking to expand your arsenal? Amped Airsoft has a large selection of the highest quality airsoft guns at the lowest prices!


Amped Airsoft has been the premier pioneers in High Pressure Air (HPA) airsoft guns since 2011! If you are looking to get into HPA airsoft guns, you came to the right place! Check out our Amped Airsoft HPA Custom Builds and get your dream gun built by our highly experienced airsoft technicians! 


Browse our selection of Airsoft Electric Guns (AEG) - M4 rifles, MP5 sub machine guns, light machine guns and more! Electric airsoft guns use rechargable batteries. If you're looking for gas powered airsoft guns and rifles CLICK HERE!


Need a sidearm? We also carry a large variety of Airsoft Pistols - Gas powered airsoft pistols use green gas or co2! Glocks, HI-CAPA, AAP-01.. we got 'em!


We also have loads of other guns including spring powered airsoft guns like snipers, pump action shotguns, grenade launchers & shells, as well as airsoft frag and smoke grenades!


If you are looking for more assistance on what to purchase from the guidance of our airsoft professional team at Amped Airsoft, please email for questions and advice.