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Airsoft Grenades

Airsoft Grenades and grenade launchers are used in airsoft to clear rooms, to distract an enemy, or to get an enemy that's hiding behind cover. We offer a large selection of airsoft projectiles from reusable, to single use or disposable pyro, grenade launchers and smoke grenades.

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In airsoft games, an airsoft grenade is commonly used to imitate the effects of a real grenade. This device is crafted to disperse BBs, smoke, or generate a loud sound, which adds a realistic and tactical aspect to the gameplay.

Airsoft grenades are powered through the use of pyrotechnics, gas, or a spring-loaded mechanism. Pyrotechnic airsoft grenades are similar to real grenades in that they contain flash powder and are ignited by a fuse when the pin is pulled. Gas-powered grenades use compressed gas to propel BBs and produce a blast. Spring-loaded grenades use a coiled spring that releases energy to push out BBs when triggered.

There are various types of airsoft grenades available on the market, including impact, smoke, single use pyro, timed, flash (sound), and launchable grenade shells.

Airsoft grenades should only be used in airsoft fields and arenas that allow them or designated areas that permit their use. If you are unsure if a field allows a certain type of airsoft grenade, check with them before use. Additionally, using grenades in public spaces, private properties without permission, or areas where they are prohibited is not only unsafe but may also be illegal.