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Training Knives

Shop our high-quality Rubber Training Knives! Rubber Training Knives are a fun, safe way to get melees in airsoft. or a realistic safe way to enhance your skills in martial arts training. We offer a large variety of different sizes and designs of rubber training knives.

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Rubber Training Knives are safe and valuable tools for practicing self-defense, martial arts, and even airsoft gameplay. Made of a flexible rubber, to ensure you or your opponent won't hurt eachother.

Yes, the Rubber Training Knives we carry are great for airsoft players. They provide an authentic look, making them ideal for use in Milsim (military simulation) type gameplay, all while being safe. Remember, it's important to follow all local field rules regarding rubber melee knives and axes..

Rubber Training Knives are made from high-quality, durable rubber that effectively simulates the weight and feel of a real knife. This material ensures a realistic experience while remaining safe for training and airsoft situations.