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We offer an extensive collection of HPA products - from HPA player kits, custom builds, HPA units and gear.We have made a name for ourselves through our ever-expanding range of ventures including the production of our own HPA line - the Amped Line. Shop all HPA at Amped Airsoft.

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Work with our experienced techs to build your HPA Bu. Select your base gun and choose from a variety of HPA units and add-ons. Schedule yours now.


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Most frequently asked questions regarding High Pressure Air (HPA) Airsoft Guns

What Does HPA Stand For in Airsoft?

HPA stands for High-Pressure Air. It’s a method of powering an airsoft gun using an external tank of pressurized air, rather than relying on internal gas tanks or gearboxes.

What Equipment Is Required for HPA?

HPA Unit/Adapter: Your airsoft gun must have an HPA unit installed. Additionally, GBB HPA Adapters are available.
HPA Tank: The starting point, filled with compressed air.

Regulator: Steps down the pressure for safe use.

Air Hose: Connects the tank to the gun.

How Does an HPA Airsoft Gun Work?

HPA guns are pneumatic devices that release controlled bursts of compressed air. An HPA tank connects to an external regulator, which steps down the pressure to a manageable level (usually around 130 PSI). The regulated air flows through a hose into the gun’s engine, propelling BBs with each trigger pull.

Where Can I Refill HPA Tanks?

You can fill your HPA tanks at local fields, airsoft stores and even some stores. Read our blog for more information,

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