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Gel Blasters

Gel Blasters are the ultimate backyard fun for all ages. Gel blasters are toy gun that uses non-toxic, water-absorbing beads as ammunition. These eco-friendly beads are known as gel balls.

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Gel blasters utilize environmentally friendly, water-absorbent gel balls, commonly referred to as gel beads or gellets, as ammunition. These small orbs are crafted from a biodegradable and non-toxic material, ensuring minimal impact on the environment and an entirely safe playing experience for users. These innovative toy guns are specifically designed to provide countless hours of exhilarating, non-toxic, and mess-free entertainment for everyone, regardless of age. They can be used for indoor and outdoor gameplay otherwise known as “Gelsoft”. This allows for versatile fun and diverse tactical scenarios.

At Amped Airsoft, we offer an extensive range of high-quality gel blasters, ammo, and various gel blaster accessories, such as extra gel ball cartridges and speed loaders. This ensures a seamless transition between reloads and allows players to focus on the adrenaline-filled action of the game.

Gel blasters are safe, but just like any similar sport or hobby, you should always wear the proper eye protection. Additionally, the gellets do sting slightly upon impact, so younger players might want to wear long sleeves and pants.

Gel Blasters are soft and squishy, however when traveling at velocities of up to 170 FPS, they will sting slightly on impact. Gel Blaster companies describe the feeling as "a quick minor sting similar to a rubberband snap."