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PolarStar Airsoft

PolarStar Airsoft was the first Airsoft Company to bring HPA Airsoft produts to market.  


Polar Star Airsoft HPA engines are some of the most reliable HPA units on the market and are tried and true through many years of innovation and enhancements.  


PolarStar products are high quality and machined right here in the United States, that's right, USA Made Airsoft products.  


Polar Star offers a wide variety of hpa units such as the Fusion Engine, Jack, F1, F2, and Kythera.  


They also offer Airsoft Regulators and Air Stocks such as the Micro Regulator, MRS Regulator, UGS Air Stock, and CGS CO2 Air Stock


Amped Airsoft carries a wide variety of PolarStar Airsoft parts and specializes in Polar Star HPA Builds and Airsoft accessories.


Looking to pickup a pre-built HPA Airsoft rifle, check out our HPA pre-built rifles!


Looking for a complete kit so you can install your own HPA unit into your existing Airsoft rifle, check out our HPA Player Kits


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