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Amped Airsoft travels nationwide to vend at major events. We offer pre-orders so your airsoft gear is delivered to you directly at the event. Pretty sweet.
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Show Events: April - May - June

April 2024

The Abkhaz Incursion - MSW

The Abkhaz Incursion - MSW

calendar_today   April 5 - 7
place   Summit Bechtel Reserve in Glen Jean, WV
av_timer   PRE-ORDER BY: 04/03/24
check_circle   Air
Operation Pressure Cooker Ohio

Operation Pressure Cooker

calendar_today   April 27
place   Sektor 7 Airsoft, Lorain, OH
av_timer   PRE-ORDER BY: 04/24/24
check_circle   Air
American Milsim's OP: Liberty

Liberty - American Milsim

calendar_today   April 13 - 14
place   Skirmish Paintball, Albrightsville PA
av_timer   PRE-ORDER BY: 04/10/24
check_circle   Air
Three Rivers Paintball - Outlaws and Lawmen

Outlaws and Lawmen - TRP

calendar_today   April 28
place   Three Rivers Paintball & Airsoft, Freedom, PA
av_timer   PRE-ORDER BY: 04/24/24
Syndicate 4 Warwick NY

Syndicate 4: The Big Shift

calendar_today   April 26 - 28
place   Mid Orange Correctional, Warwick NY
av_timer   PRE-ORDER BY: 4/24/24
check_circle   Air

May 2024

MSATO's Task Force JPC-2

Task Force JPC-2

calendar_today   May 4 - 5
place   Former Health Care Center, Ashland, PA
av_timer   PRE-ORDER BY: 05/01/24
check_circle   Air
Spring Offensive 16

Spring Offensive 16 - Stagops

calendar_today   May 24 - 26
place   TOLCOM, Tolland, MA
av_timer   PRE-ORDER BY: 05/22/24
check_circle   Air
Operation Fractured Skull in Cresson PA

OP Fractured Skull

calendar_today   May 17 - 19
place   Cresson State Prison, Cresson, PA
av_timer   PRE-ORDER BY: 05/15/24
check_circle   Air
Balkar Pocket Banner Milsim in Fern Glen PA

Balkar Pocket

calendar_today   May 24 - 26
place   Fern Glen, PA
av_timer   PRE-ORDER BY: 05/22/24
check_circle   Air
ESR-19 6 - American Milsim

ESR-19 6 - American milsim

calendar_today   May 17 -19
place   Parts World, Roosevelt OK
av_timer   PRE-ORDER BY: 05/14/24
check_circle   Air

June 2024

Trailblazer Banner Milsim Event

Trailblazer - Gun Gamers

calendar_today   June 15
place   The Lannding, Penn Run, PA
av_timer   PRE-ORDER BY: 06/12/24
check_circle   Air
American Milsim's Ironhorse VI

Ironhorse VI - American Milsim

calendar_today   June 29 - 30
place   Guardian Centers, Perry, GA
av_timer   PRE-ORDER BY: 06/26/24
check_circle   Air

Past Events

  • Storm Salsk Banner
    Operation Wargate Banner
    Blacksite Banner
    Southern Front
  • Mission 22 Banner
    Remnant Banner

Event Pre-order FAQ

Need more help? Check out our frequently asked questions.

How do i pre-order?

Add items to your cart and check-out normally. When you get to the shipping options, you will see an option for Event Pick Up. Make sure to include the name of the event in the order notes.

Where can i buy tickets for these events?

If tickets are available you can click on the event photo and it will take you to the event page. We do not host these events, we only vend at them so we have no involvment with the tickets.

what time do i need to pre-order by?

Orders must be placed by 3PM EST on the pre-order deadline date.

How can we get amped to come to our event?

Are you an event coordinator searching for vendors that can offer an on-site mobile store, NVG rentals, and an HPA fill station? We've got you covered. Our national event team travels all over the country to vend at milsim events. Reach out to our team here.

how do i rent nVGs?

If night vision is available for an event, you will see the NVG icon on the event listing. To rent, click the icon or go to the NVG rental page

what if i can't make it to the event?

Ordered an event pickup but couldn't make it to the event? No sweat, just hit up our customer service team to arrange direct shipping or receive a refund if shipping is not possible

can i order pyro?

To place an order for pyro, please visit the Event Pyro page and choose the products you want to pre-order. During checkout, select "Event Pick-Up" as your shipping method and leave a comment mentioning the event you will be attending. It's important to note that this option is only available for events where Amped Airsoft is scheduled to vend.