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Gift Cards

Looking for a gift, but not sure what to purchase? Pickup one of our physical gift cards for the holidays! Due to increasing fraud, we switched to a physical gift card system.  

If you have received one of our gift cards, please follow these steps in order to utilize it:

For customers looking to purchase online:

1.) Create an account on our website. Please Click Here to create your account.

2.) Shoot us an email or call to let us know that you would like to use your gift card online.

3.) Provide us with the gift card number and pin located on the back of the card.

4.) Provide us with the email to your newly created (or existing account) that you just made above.

5.) We will then load the funds from your gift card onto your online account so that you can utilize them on your order. 

6.) Use the credit on your account to place your order.

7.) Receive goodies! 

For customers looking to purchase at our retail store:

Simply stop in the shop and your card will be ready to go!

DisclaimerSince we can mail this out in a letter, we will cover the shipping cost (Unless combined with other items, then we will just include it in your package).  Simply select in-store pickup when you place your order and we will send out the gift card in an envelope for you.  If the gift card is the only thing in your cart, it will only give you an in-store pickup option.  No worries! We got you covered!