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Airsoft Innovations - XL Banger Grenade Full Kit

Airsoft Innovations - XL Burst Impact Banger Grenade

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Product Description

Airsoft Innovations latest XL Burst is an impact-activated distraction grenade designed to be ruggedly durable, 100% reusable, and stupid simple. Solidly constructed with a satisfying heft, it will last for thousands of throws and shock your enemies every single time!  Powered by propane or green gas, this infinitely reusable grenade is extremely inexpensive per use.  Get one now, and Frag To Win!!  #XLBurstFTW

- Ear-ringing 125 dBA sound level
- Cost less than 50¢ for each use
- Loud but still hearing safe
- No dangerous fragments during detonation

- CNC-machined from solid aluminum
- Hard-anodized finish for durability
- Reliable and proven trigger mechanisum
- Simple to and quick to refill

Each individual package includes:
(1) XL Burst Impact Banger Grenade
(3) Body Labels (Blue, Yellow, and Black)
(2) Safety Pins
(2) Fill-Valve Protection Bands
(1) Grenade Oil
(1) Sample-Pack Burst Disks (30 pcs)

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