Top Airsoft Products From Shot Show 2024

Top Airsoft Products From Shot Show 2024

Posted by The Blog Squad on Apr 15, 2024


Top Airsoft Products From the 2024 Shot Show


calendar_today   APRIL 15, 2024

Shot Show – a mecca for airsoft and firearm enthusiasts alike – is an annual festival of innovation and a showcase of the industry's most cutting-edge products. Every year, it always surprises us with design, technology, and performance advancements that elevate players' experiences. The 2024 unveiling showcased an array of gear that will redefine airsoft. In this post, we'll unpack some of the most exciting products from the event, highlighting what makes them stand out and why they're worth your attention.

Action Army NGL Grenade Launcher

Action Sports Games, a brand synonymous with quality and performance, unveiled two standout products at Shot Show 2024 that are destined to be game-changers within the airsoft community.

The Action Army NGL, a compact grenade launcher, is designed to be mounted on any Picatinny rail system. Its universal compatibility, combined with an unbelievably affordable price point of $30, is set to make it a must-have accessory for airsoft players looking to upgrade their loadout without breaking the bank. 

Key features include a pressure clamp for stability and ambidextrous safety for ease of use, ensuring this little device packs a big punch.

Action Army NGL Grenade Launcher

ASG H-22 Hybrid Series

Another ASG product we are excited to see is the new ASG hybrid series H-22. Crafted in Germany, this green gas-powered sniper rifle boasts an array of premium features. Incorporating a Hera Arms stock and a high-quality M-lok handguard and Picatinny rail makes customization a breeze, while the top-down hop up system allows for quick and simple adjustments for optimal accuracy. 

Priced at around $570, it's not just affordable – it's a testament to the precision and power that all serious airsoft snipers desire.

ASG H22 Hybrid Sniper Rifle

The Pulsar D by Gate: Redefining HPA Performance

High-Pressure Airsoft (HPA) has grown in popularity due to its consistent performance and customization options. Gate's Pulsar D, a new dual-solenoid, closed-bolt HPA engine, is set to redefine what HPA can achieve.

Pulsar D and Titan II Combo

With the Pulsar D at its core, Gate offers airsoft players an unprecedented level of trigger response, as well as a wide range of FPS and rate of fire. Paired with the Titan II and the GCS app, users have an array of tools at their disposal to fine-tune their playstyle on the fly. This compact dual-solenoid system, the smallest of its kind, enables it to be installed in replicas that were previously unable to accommodate HPA systems due to size constraints.
Pulsar D and Titan II by Gate

EMG Daniel Defense MK18 MTW

Wolverine Airsoft, renowned for its commitment to realism and reliability, continued its legacy by bringing to the Shot Show floor a product that redefines what high-performance airsoft looks like. The fully licensed MK18 MTW from Wolverine Airsoft is a testament to precision and authenticity, being based on real AR-15 forgings and featuring the same specifications as its real-life counterpart. 

More than just a replica, this high-performing rifle is available in several trim levels, each offering different stock and grip configurations, including options like the genuine Daniel Defense stock and grip combo.

EMG Daniel Defense MK18 MTW

Genesis Arms Taran Tactical Gen 12

Shrouded in secrecy, we were also some of the first to lay our eyes on the upcoming fully licensed Genesis Arms, Taran Tactical Gen 12 shotgun, which is emerging as a game-changing entry into the airsoft shotgun realm. Boasting HPA functionality and a magazine-fed system, this replica promises to deliver a fully functional shotgun experience, suitable for any airsoft combat scenario. While details are currently under wraps, the very idea of this innovative product bodes well for airsoft enthusiasts who are eager to witness its performance on the field.
Genesis Arms Taran Tactical Gen 12

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