Sponsored Player Series Ft Donny

Sponsored Player Series Ft Donny

Posted by Eric T on May 13, 2024

Sponsored Player Spotlight Series 

ft Donny

Eric T.
May 13, 2023

An Interview with Donny

This week for our sponsored player blog, we give you our close friend, Donny. Frequent attendee of American Milsim events, Donny got to know the Amped Airsoft crew through his wife Brittany who was already sponsored at the time. 

Through her, we got to know Donny really well, and became one of the rotating Nat operations staff’s good friends and we are happy to call him an Amped Airsoft sponsored player. 

Donny Sponsored Player Amped Airsoft

Intro to the Sport and Amped Airsoft

Q: Where are you from and what is your home/local field?

Donny: From Nashville, TN and our home field is Hellhounds Airsoft.

Q: How long have you been playing airsoft and what was the reason you started?

Donny: I’ve been playing airsoft for about 5 years. Airsoft for me was really the only hobby I had outside of racing when I was doing that professionally. I’ve always liked guns, and for me, airsoft was an easy way to make new friends and a useful training tool outside of shooting paper targets. I enjoy hanging out with friends and meeting new people within the hobby. It’s impressive to me how far airsoft has come since I first started playing in 2011. Hopefully the hobby continues to grow and I plan on continuing to check out new places along the way.

Q: How did you get sponsored by and come to know Amped Airsoft?

Donny: I met everyone from Amped during Ironhorse IV. After hanging out with them in the trailer, playing with them on the field, and getting to know them outside of work, they all became good friends. I got to know them more and more over time, and at the end of American Milsim’s Copperhead VII, I was offered an official sponsorship. Having Amped at the events I attend isn’t only convenient, but it's great to see my friends!

"It’s impressive to me how far airsoft has come since I first started playing in 2011"

Key Moments

Q: What has been your favorite airsoft event you have ever attended and why?

DonnyAmerican Milsim’s Reindeer Games is my favorite event. I am a huge fan of the mount site at Fort Hood and it makes for phenomenal CQB engagements as well as great building to building firefights.

Q: What is your favorite part of playing airsoft?

Donny: The best part of playing airsoft is definitely the friends I have made across the country as well as all of the different and unique places Airsoft has taken me.

Q: What was your first airsoft gun?

Donny: The Lancer Tactical S-System M4!

Donny Airsoft Multicam Loadout


Q: What is your favorite current airsoft gun?

Donny: My trusty Wolverine MTW!

Q: Give a quick overview of your kit and what you like to run when playing.

Donny: No matter the game, I prefer a high speed/ minimal kit. I build my gear around what I use while keeping everything streamline. I own several different plate carrier builds in different colors depending on what team I run at different events. I have used several helmets over the years but nothing comes close to my Team Wendy LTP EXFIL Bump Helmet. It’s lightweight and high quality construction makes this helmet easy to use and incredibly comfortable.

Donny Sponsored Airsoft Player

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Amped Airsoft sponsored airsoft player.

Overtime, we at Amped Airsoft have grown as well as refined our community and player-centric brand. Although there are plenty of ways we have been able to do this, our Amped Airsoft sponsorship program is one way we have been able to expand our brand through players who we feel represent our company while simultaneously being a positive force for the Airsoft industry.

Although Amped Airsoft has had different sponsorship guidelines over time, our current program combines everything we have learned since the conception of the company and previous revisions of our sponsorship guidelines. First and foremost, Amped Airsoft does not sponsor airsoft teams, but rather individuals that we feel represent our company's brand and best interests. That being said, there are fewer than five teams that Amped Airsoft does in fact sponsor due to their long standing relationship with Amped Airsoft as well as their staunch loyalty to our mission.

We currently have a relatively tight knit group of Amped sponsored players that regularly play together across the country. To become a sponsored player, one must already be on the company's radar, being recommended by Amped Airsoft Employees, or other sponsored players. Following this, the player will be invited to join the program during an event attended by the company. They must sign an ethical agreement basically saying that they will represent our brand positively both on and off the field.

"For the Players, by the Players"