Amped Airsoft 4th of July Sale 2022 - A Buyers Guide!

Amped Airsoft 4th of July Sale 2022 - A Buyers Guide!

Posted by John Hentosz on Jun 29, 2022

Summer is in full swing airsofters,

For us that means grilling out, staying cool and playing lots of airsoft in the sunny warm weather! We hope a lot of you are finding time to get out and play this Summer! To show our Summer spirit, Amped Airsoft will be kicking off July with a bang! Our annual 4th of July sale is here! Shop up to 10% off nearly sitewide - there are deals to be found everywhere! The sale will start on 12:00am EST Friday, July 1st and end at 11:59pm PST on Monday, July 4th!

This blog will serve as a buyers guide so you can browse great deals on highly rated products that we recommend! Let the Amped Airsoft 4th of July sale begin!


  1. Best Beginner Airsoft Gun
  2. Best Sidearm
  3. Best HPA Engine
  4. Best Mechanical HPA Engine
  5. Best Lightweight Gear for the Summer
  6. Our Favorite Summer Products

1. Best Beginner Airsoft Gun: G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider Short Airsoft AEG | Black

If you are new to airsoft and looking to get out and play at a low cost of entry - the G&G Combat Machine CM16 raider is a great value - and it is our choice for “Best Beginner Airsoft Gun” of the Summer! It comes in both long and short versions as well as an updated 2.0 version!

It’s a familiar M4 Platform, meaning there are plenty of different choices for customization and ease of availability for magazines and upgrade parts! The crane stock has plenty of room for a nunchuck style battery. Use the integrated picatinny rail system for mounting optics, flashlights and lasers!

For an even better deal check out our CQB and Carbine bundle featuring the Combat Machine!

For our full selection of Airsoft Guns CLICK HERE!

Runner Up Pick: Evolution Recon M4 14.5" Carbontech Airsoft AEG Rifle | LVOA Style

2. Best Sidearm Pistol: Action Army AAP-01 Assassin GBB Pistol | AAP 01 Airsoft Pistol

The Action Army AAP-01 Assassin GBB has swept the airsoft world by storm… and for good reason! With a massive selection of aftermarket parts, a rail system for accessories, and semi and full automatic firing modes; the AAP01 is a highly versatile sidearm at a great price point!

Additionally, the spare magazines are easily available and affordable, and can be interchangeably used with Elite Force VFC Glock 17 style mags!

For our full selection of Airsoft Pistols CLICK HERE!

Runner Up Pick: SIG Airsoft PROFORCE M17 GBB Airsoft Pistol | Coyote Tan | CO2

3. Best HPA Engine:

PolarStar F2

The PolarStar F2 is P*’s top of the line HPA engine - and we love it! The engine has dual solenoids meaning max air efficiency and tunability! It's easy to install and shoots like a dream. The F2 sets the standard pretty high for electronic drop in HPA units.It is our choice for the Best HPA Engine this Summer, and it is a great time to get one! Make sure you also get a tank, line and regulator to complete your HPA setup!

If you are an AK user or have a v3 gearbox - check out the v3 version of the F2.

If you don’t feel comfortable installing it yourself or simply don’t want to - have the professional technicians build your Amped Custom HPA Build from the ground up! Just choose your base gun and pick your components!

For our full selection of HPA Units CLICK HERE!

Runner Up Pick: PolarStar Jack

4. Best Mechanical HPA Engine: Redline N7 GEN-2 Milsim V2-M4 HPA Unit | Semi Only

The Redline N7 GEN-2 Milsim is our top pick for mechanical HPA units! The engine is extremely simple - which is what makes it so great! No electronics and no fuss! A “plug and play” experience to get great performance and the awesome feel of shooting a mechanical engine! You will not need a battery or fcu to power this engine; just a tank, line, and regulator!

For our full selection of HPA Units CLICK HERE!

Runner Up Pick: PolarStar Kythera

5. Best Lightweight Gear for the Summer: Haley Strategic Chest Rigs

Haley Strategic Partners gear is widely well known and respected in the real steel training community, and they are also amazing for airsoft! They are our pick for the best lightweight gear options of the Summer! The reason the chest rig is a great option for Summer is because they are extremely comfortable, and allow for easy access to everything you need, and nothing you don’t! Well made, simple, and easy! There is no hassle and it's not cumbersome like other plate carrier styles.

This is the Haley D3CR-M Micro Chest Rig

Popular accessories include the Haley FlatPack Plus and Mission Hanger attachments! To view our full selection of tactical gear CLICK HERE!

Runner Up Pick: I.C.E. Body Armor Ventilation System

6. Our Favorite Summer Products:

There is a lot of cool stuff that the Amped Airsoft crew has found this Summer! Here are a couple of fun extra picks for items that we love to use during this season!

Pit Vipers:

Arguably our favorite addition to the Amped Airsoft product selection this Summer - the Pit Viper Sunglasses! These glasses are not only awesome looking - but they are also ANSI Z87+ rated, which means you can use these as eye protection in airsoft (check with your local field rules, you may need a gasket to make them truly “full seal'')! Pit Vipers are making a splash at Amped this Summer!

For our full selection of eye and face protection CLICK HERE!

Condor Multiwrap:

The Condor Multiwrap is a great piece of headgear to keep the sweat and sun off of your face and head! You can pair it with the new Matrix Wire Mouth Under the Mask Teeth Protectorfor a low profile lower face protection option! These wraps come in Black, Coyote, Olive Drab, Multicam and Multicam Black!

For our full selection of head wear CLICK HERE!

Amped Patch Meeko Wow Much Tactical | PVC Velcro Patch

*BORK BORK* our favorite office tactical corgi got his own patch! It's much tactical and very wow *BORK BORK*

To view our full selection of patches CLICK HERE!

We are so excited for our Amped Airsoft annual 4th of July Sale! We hope you will visit our website and shop for some awesome deals! If you have any questions please use our chat function on our website. Get out and play this Summer!