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Pit Viper

Pit Vipers glasses have finally arrived at Amped Airsoft! The sunglasses that have taken the social media world by storm. The sunglass brand founded by Chuck Mumford (no sons) and built by memes and a dream. Drop the craft supplies and pick up a craft beer - raise a toast to these awesome outdoor sports sunglasses! Whether you're weilding power tools or airsoft guns, there is always a site usage application for these ballistic rated glasses! 


The data centers and gigachad scientists at Pit Viper have made a 200 IQ play for the airsoft industry! These glasses are ANSI Z87+ rated and make for awesome eye pro sunglasses viper styled! Pair it with an Oakley SI M Frame Alpha gasket and these babys are full seal airsoft ready at most fields! (Check with your fields rules to make sure!)


Pit Viper Polarized Sunglasses are available for special order! Hit us up!


They are pretty fantastic airsoft glasses and don't fog much, but you may want to pick up some anti fog wipes for precaution on those humid days. These glasses pair well with a tactical cap. Take a look at our lower face protection options to make this a full face combo! 


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