Where To Fill Your HPA Tank

Where To Fill Your HPA Tank

Posted by The Blog Squad on Mar 03, 2023

Where to Fill Your HPA Tank?

Airsoft guns that run on HPA, or high pressure air, necessitate regular refills of the refillable air tanks. This can be an inconvenient task for many players due to location and the need for heavy-duty compressors as well as other specialized equipment.

Airsoft fields and stores are great places to get an HPA fill, and it can be done at home with the right equipment. If you're considering buying your first HPA set-up, we highly recommend that you look into tank-filling options before making a purchase.

Local Airsoft or Paintball Stores and Fields

The best place to fill your HPA tank is at your local airsoft or paintball store and fields. Fill stations use compressors that are capable of reaching up to 5500 PSI effortlessly, filling almost any tank in less than a minute. Many airsoft fields offer free fills with the purchase of admission, while others may charge between $1-$3 per 1000 PSI for refills.


If you find a field that offers an"all-day fill" option, you can fill it during your session and again before you leave. The cost of All Day Fill ranges anywhere from $10~20. It's possible to find certain airsoft and paintball stores that offer reasonably priced tank-filling services; however, these must be completed in-store due to laws preventing the shipment of tanks filled with compressed air.

Scuba and Other Misc Shops

You can easily fill up your HPA tank with a compressor service from local stores, such as scuba shops since the compressed air tanks for airsoft use similar pressure to those of scuba tanks. If you don't have a scuba store near you, other establishments that sell fire extinguishers (even sometimes fire departments) and certain welding companies might offer filling services for just a few dollars.

At Home (If Done Properly)

No, you cannot use the same air compressor that you use to fill tires.


And while refilling your tank at home may seem like the most economical solution, it can become quite costly. But if there are no places that offer HPA fills near you, there are a couple of options, one of which is by using a scuba tank. Investing in a 3000 psi scuba tank, paired with the cost of an additional fill station will cost you upwards of $250, but you will still need to refill the scuba tank with air each time it runs out. Additionally, the fill is not as quick as an air compressor.


Next, would be an HPA air compressor, NOT a compressor used to fill tires. Be aware that these high-pressure air models can come with hefty price tags of over $2,000.


Before you make a decision, carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages.

HPA Do's & Don'ts

Whether you are filling at field, store or home, here are some "Do's and Don'ts:"

DON'T utilize a tire pump or typical air compressor. These options are ineffective and will not reach the required PSI
DO get your tank reinspected 5 years from the "hydro date" (the date your tank was inspected)
DON'T keep your tanks in your car, especially in direct sunlight. Trust us.
DON'T overfill your tank. It's best to do a slow-fill. Again, trust us
DO follow safety protocols and maintenance

Final Thoughts

We hope this helps you find out where to fill your HPA tanks for airsoft as well as some helpful tips on maintenance and storage! Whether you go to an airsoft field, scuba store, or do it yourself at home, make sure that safety protocols are followed at all times when handling compressed gas so that everyone stays safe while in and off the airsoft field! Stay safe, have fun, call your hits <3

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