Our Top 5 Favorites from Shot Show 2023

Our Top 5 Favorites from Shot Show 2023

Posted by Eric Tedeschi on Feb 08, 2023

A Sneak Peek at Shot Show 2023

Shot Show. One of our favorite events of the year. Airsoft and real steel companies get together to showcase all the latest-and-greatest guns, tactical gear, weapon attachments, and more. This industry leading convention is the best place to preview up-and-coming projects and products unavailable to the public.

That's where we come in.

We at Amped Airsoft are happy to provide an inside look into the 2023 Shot Show with a list of our top five favorite products. These companies really pushed the boundaries to bring you the latest in airsoft technologies.

Umarex HK M110

The Umarex HK M110 is one of our favorite up and coming Airsoft Guns of the year. Upgraded from its predecessor, the M110 has many great qualities that the HK G28 lacks, starting with the high quality metal construction. Right off the bat, we noticed this airsoft rifle felt incredibly solid in your hands. With no creak or wobble, this rifle will withstand field usage of any degree.

Once released, this gun will have plenty of service and upgradable parts available because its internals are similar to the G28 and 417. Out of the box, it includes an already installed GATE ASTER in-line mosfet, offset iron sites and a functioning bolt catch. Not to mention the inclusion of the HK trade marks we have come to know and love from the Umarex HK line.

Be sure to look for the M110 later this year!

The Holosun DRS Red Dot

This rifle mounted, thermal fusion red dot is one of the most talked about products at Shot Show 2023. The DRS-TH (Digital Reflex Sight Thermal) combines the red dot technology holosun is known for, and modern thermal imaging technology. This weapon sight includes Holosun’s LED multi-reticle system with two additional red dot options. Sporting 1024x768 resolution at 50fps and 8x digital zoom, you are able to record and snap pictures on the device and keep them on the sights on-board storage device. The DRS-TH boasts five thermal imaging modes: white hot, black hot, highlight, outline, and fusion mode.

I hope you are excited for this sight as much as we are!

MOS Manufacturing/Arcturus ARC Performance Enhanced Editions

Through innovation, strenuous research and development, the Performance Enhanced Edition airsoft internals will impress any airsoft user. This system by Acturus includes the most state of the art design for an airsoft gun we have seen in a long time.

They include a jointly developed the Perun ETU mosfet, five levels of trigger sensitivity, eight levels of adjustable precocking and tunable trigger stopper.

Some of the hardware included in these builds consist of the Arcturus RS reinforced polymer precision rotary hop-up unit, cnc steel machine 13:1 gears, and a high torque neodymium motor. We are so excited to see this system in upcoming Arcturus rifles such as the ARC AK12 AEG, ARC AK12 Updated AEG, ARC PP-19-01 Vityaz AEG, and many more.

Be sure to be on the lookout for the ARC PE editions! We know we will be

"This system by Acturus includes the most state of the art design for an airsoft gun we have seen in a long time.

KWA F90 Gas Blowback Rifle

One of the more secretive airsoft products at the 2023 Shot Show, was the KWA F90 gas blowback rifle. The F90 was one of the most unique airsoft guns we were able to get our hands on and we even had the opportunity to shoot it in the on-site KWA shoot house.

Although we still don’t know a lot of the specifics of the F90, we are excited to share what we do know about it.

One of the most exciting things about this rifle is that it is a direct 1:1 replica to the Australian Armies AUG, complete with full licensing. The F90 utilizes an updated GBBR system similar to the KWA LM4 Delta, arguably one of the sturdiest GBBR systems on the market.

Although we do not have an MSRP or release date, we know that this gun will be available in the near future!

Nocturn UAPNVG “Chimera”

Finally, another highly anticipated product from Show Show is the Nocturn UAPNVG Chimera, an evolution in night vision technology. The UAPNVG, or Ultralight Articulating Night Vision Goggle, is the first panoramic night vision device to have the articulating quad tube system.

This revolutionary, patent pending system by Nocturn Industries allows the user the lowest possible profile by stowing all four pods back to the helmet, similar to articulating bino night vision devices. This reduces neck fatigue by pulling the center of gravity back to a more natural resting neck position. The slim profile also allows for the user increased head clearance in a vehicle, door thresholds, and reduced snag hazards.

Another huge selling point is that both halves are able to articulate individually, allowing the user to easily look down their weapon mounted optic or thermal while still utilizing half of their quad night vision device. The folding bridge is also able to be purchased separately, lending existing panoramic devices compatibility with the articulating bridge.

If you are looking to make a jump in night vision technology, look no further than the Chimera.

Check out our Shot Show Video for More!

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