What to Pack For An Overnight Milsim Event

What to Pack For An Overnight Milsim Event

Posted by Eric T & The Blog Squad on Apr 26, 2023

What To Pack for an Overnight Milsim Event

It is no secret that some of the most challenging airsoft events are the ones that take place overnight and sometimes throughout the weekend like Milsim West, Grimnir Tactical, and Realsim (to name a few). Because of their challenging nature, it's important to make sure you are prepared. In this blog, we'll go over everything you'll need to pack, because while the events can be difficult, preparing shouldn't be.

1. A Reliable Rucksack

The first and arguably the most important item to consider when gearing up for an overnight game is a reliable ruck to store all of your sustainment gear in as well as a dependable method of transporting them. When considering a rucksack, backpacking companies typically categorize them by the amount of time you will be in the wilderness (i.e. 24 hours, 40 hours, etc). It is essential to take other features into consideration such as internal or external frame, ease of access, rifle scabbards, and compatibility with a hydration bladder. Although there are many ruck companies, some of our in-house personal backpacking company favorites are Eberlestock, Mystery Ranch, and Arc’teryx.

2. Clothing for Different Types of Weather

When it comes to packing for a Milsim event, it is vital to consider the weather conditions of the weekend you’ll be playing. You never know if a sunny forecast will turn into a rainy day or an unexpectedly chilly night. That's why it's always a good idea to pack clothing for different types of weather. When attending outdoor events during winter, you will need to wear heavier and warmer clothing. This includes the base layer, middle layer, and outer layer which are typically worn in below-freezing temperatures. We suggest packing rain gear in your rucksack for warm weather events, irrespective of the predicted weather conditions. Gortex rain jackets from Patagonia or Arc’teryx are some popular options, but the USGI poncho from Amazon works if you don't want to spend too much. No matter the weather, extra socks are a must! Wet, cold socks WILL ruin the event for you, most likely forcing you off the field. We recommend multiple pairs of any standard wool boot sock. It is also optional to bring extra combat sets, underwear, and other general clothing. Footwear with good support and waterproofing is also highly recommended.

Rainy Milsim Packing

3. Sleeping Arrangments

Sleeping (although very limited during most of these events) can be especially difficult, but is nonetheless necessary. First and foremost, you will need a reliable and light sleeping pad that can be rolled out and packed up at a moment's notice. Among the staff here at Amped, we all favor the NEMO Switchback sleeping pad. It can be found at your local REI or similar outdoor stores. It requires no air, is remarkably lightweight, and is easy to stow. You can go the inflatable route, but there is a long time investment when setting up and taking down. If you prefer, you can also disregard this whole entire paragraph and not use a sleeping pad at all!


Sleeping bags are also an indispensable aspect when packing for an overnight event. They come in all shapes and sizes and are rated for a multitude of temperatures and weather conditions. When packing one for an event, just make sure that the sleeping bag’s ratings match the predicted forecast and weather conditions. At Amped, we prefer a simple "woobie" blanket for those of us who play these events. They are lightweight, warm, and easy to pack up. They can be found anywhere from Amazon, surplus stores, and modern gear shops. Camping pillows are also a convenient item to pack as well, but seldom seen. Just remember, if you decide to fall asleep at an overnight event, remember to set security or you might find one of our favorite blue jean-wearing operators in your patrol base!

4. Airsoft Replica and Gear Loadout

For these events, it is incredibly important to prepare a weapon system and loadout within the bounds of the event provider’s TACSOP (or rule set). This might be a specific faction created by the provider or a specific MILSIM impression. Once these prerequisites are met, most of the equipment one uses becomes pretty universal. Setting up your plate carrier, chest rig, battle belt (etc…) becomes standard with mag, general purpose, dump, admin, and grenade pouches.


You want to be able to bring enough batteries, air, and gas to power your weapon systems all weekend. There is almost never a spot to recharge or refill during these events. Rucking out grenades or launchables adds weight, but is a useful tool on the battlefield, almost always becoming a force multiplier. When considering BBs, events of this caliber always tend to issue bbs before and during the event, coupled with an in-game bb search mechanic.


That being said, it is typically unnecessary (or unallowed) to ruck out bbs, but having a speedloader (we prefer the Odin) somewhere on your kit becomes useful. When setting up your replica, white light capability is certainly useful. If using Night Vision, IR light and laser capabilities are also important to consider.

Milsim Loadout

5. Food

Being out on the field for up to 40 hours straight, you're going to get hungry. And there are ways you can still have a nice warm meal on the field. Military-Issued meals ready to eat, or MREs can be found online, at military exchanges, and surplus stores. These only require a small amount of water to activate the heating pouch, and they're packed with protein to help keep you feeling full and energized.


Another option is the Jetboil stove, which is a small propane-powered stove. You can purchase it at stores like REI that sell outdoor gear. However, keep in mind that when buying this stove, you'll also need to ruck out mountain meals (or similar camping meals), miniature propane tanks, and possibly camping utensils. Cooking these meals will require using water for boiling, which means more of your water will be consumed. We have gone this route before and honestly, it is NOT ideal. We prefer packing things such as dried fruit, granola, and other snacks to sustain us throughout the weekend.

Outdoor Mini Propane Stove for Airsoft

6. Hydration

Hydration is crucial when playing airsoft, let alone an overnight game. Regardless of the ruleset, and potential event producer-supplied water, it is important to be self-reliant when it comes to hydration (whatever you do, do not drink the medic water for personal hydration!) Finding ways to ruck out water is typically challenging due to the space and weight that water can take up in your rucksack. When planning one’s hydration methods, there are several ways that we have found success when packing for an event. One way is to purchase the 101.4 fl oz (or smaller) water jug from any supermarket or grocery store. Personally, I have found this to be the most convenient way of having a reliable flow of water, using it to fill a Nalgene, Camelback, or any other type of bladder. They are also easy to affix to the outside of most rucks. This way, you keep your reserves within the confines of your ruck and a reasonable amount on your kit at all times.


For bonus points grab some Liquid IV packets. They are a "hydration multiplier" and are packed with electrolytes. Thank us later.

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7. Protective Headgear and Eye Protection

Headgear and eye protection are also super important to consider in an event like this. Helmets and ear protection are STRONGLY recommended given the exposure to airsoft grenades, and in some instances, blank-fire firearms. To protect yourself from the concussive blasts during these events becomes borderline necessary and can make or break the event for you. That being said, it is also useful to ruck out a patrol cap to wear in downtime so that you do not have to wear your helmet for up to 40 hours straight. Typical airsoft eye protection is required at these events as well and must be worn at ALL TIMES. Restrictions will vary from each producer.

Airsoft Military Headgear

8. Miscellaneous Packing Essentials

There are plenty of other items that can help make or break your experience at one of these events. For starters, a small tarp can serve as a ground layer or even a makeshift hide, keeping you dry and hidden from the opposition. And don't forget some paracord, which can be used in countless ways from securing gear to building shelter. A notebook and pen (we prefer Write In The Rain products) are also essential for jotting down notes, recording observations, or just passing the time. A wristwatch is another simple yet crucial tool.

Packing for An Overnight Airsoft Milsim Event

Whether you're getting ready for your first-ever overnight airsoft event, or if you're an experienced Milsim-er, there's nothing worse than showing up unprepared. Double-check, no... triple check your rucksack to make sure you have all the essential equipment. Make sure to pack clothing suitable for different types of weather conditions - raincoats, boots, among other items depending on the climate of where you're playing. Furthermore, you will need sleeping arrangements that can be packed quickly if you need to bail. Additionally, make sure you have enough water and food to last throughout the event such as MREs, energy bars, or jerky. Most importantly, don’t forget to read the TACSOP and follow the gear and replica guidelines. Most event coordinators will provide clear guidelines as to what you'll need. And as always, we at Amped are here to answer any questions you have!

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