We Were Nominated: 14th Players Choice Awards

We Were Nominated: 14th Players Choice Awards

Posted by Eric T and the Blog Squad on Jan 03, 2024

January 3rd, 2024

We Were Nominated For Best North American Retailer

The Popular Airsoft Airsoft Players' Choice Awards are here again, and Amped Airsoft has been nominated for Best Airsoft Retailer in North America! We are so grateful for all the support the airsoft community has given Amped Airsoft over the last year and are so thankful for being nominated for the 14th Annual Players' Choices Awards yet again.

Now, we need your help to bring home the W.

Here's why we think you should vote for Amped Airsoft:

Photo of inside our trailer for national airsoft events
Inside view of trailer before national event
Norther Lights Vending Amped Airsoft
First National Event at Northern Lights
NVG national events

National Events: The Airsoft Store on Wheels

One of the reasons Amped Airsoft stands out is our commitment to the airsoft community nationwide. Our National Event vending model allows us to travel to different parts of the country and meet amazing players like you. This unique approach helps us build a stronger bond with the community and gain valuable insight into your needs and preferences. Being present at airsoft events allows us to tailor our vending model to specific events and the community's diverse needs, ensuring players have the best experience possible.

This personalized touch extends to our on-site services, such as providing air for our HPA players by filling tanks up to 4500 PSI on-site, or our NVG rentals, setting us apart as a brand that not only understands but actively engages with the community it serves.

This year, the most notable games we have attended include Milsim West, American Milsim, Gun Gamers, Stag Ops, Grimnir Tactical, Operation Lion Claws, and countless others.

Going Above and Beyond

At Amped Airsoft, we understand the importance of exceptional customer service. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, whether you have questions about products, need expert advice or tech help, or require support after the sale. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we take pride in going above and beyond to make your shopping experience with us memorable.

Reviews about our Customer Service Team:
Amped Airsoft Customer Service review 3
Amped Airsoft Customer Service review 4
Amped Airsoft Customer Service review 1
Amped Airsoft Customer Service review 2

Fast Shipping: Because Time Matters

When you order new airsoft gear, we know you're eager to get out on the field and try it out. That's why we prioritize fast shipping. In fact, our Shipping team can process your order, pack them up, and ship them out to you within a day, ensuring that your purchases reach you as quickly as possible.

With Amped Airsoft, you can trust that your gear will be in your hands in no time, allowing you to focus on what you love – playing airsoft.

Reviews about our Shipping:
Amped Airsoft Shipping Reviews 1
Amped Airsoft Shipping Reviews 2
Amped Airsoft Shipping Reviews 3
Amped Airsoft Shipping Reviews 4
Amped AIrsoft Showroom Airsoft Guns

A One-Stop Shop for Airsoft

Amped Airsoft takes pride in offering a vast and carefully curated collection of airsoft gear. Our physical showroom is jam-packed with anything an airsoft player could want. From high-quality airsoft guns to essential accessories, from tactical gear to night vision, we aim to be your one-stop shop for airsoft.

Our commitment to providing a diverse selection ensures that every player can find what they are looking for. (And if we do not have something specific, our friendly and knowledgeable retail staff is there to answer questions and do their best to find it for you)

For the Players, By The Players
- Amped Airsoft

Our Commitment

At Amped Airsoft, we are not just retailers; we are players too. We understand the nuances of the sport because we live and breathe it ourselves. This shared love for airsoft and the community fuels our dedication to bringing you the best products and services, making Amped Airsoft a brand created and shaped by our motto "for the players, for the players."

As we get closer to the 14th Players Choice Awards, we invite you, our valued community, to vote in support of Amped Airsoft. Your trust and loyalty have brought us this far, and with your continued support, we can bring home the title of Best US Retailer together. Let's show the airsoft world what the Amped Airsoft community is made of!

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Still not convinced? Fine... we're pulling our the big guns.


Meet Meeko. Our head of security.

Go vote!

Written by Eric T and the Blog Squad