Top 5 Upgrades For Your AEG Airsoft Gun

Top 5 Upgrades For Your AEG Airsoft Gun

Posted by Eric T on Dec 13, 2023


Top 5 Upgrades for Your AEG Airsoft Gun


calendar_today   DEC 13, 2023

Picture this. You've been using your AEG for a while now. While it does the job, you are craving something more. You want a snappier trigger response, the ability to send that bb just a little further, and maybe some extended tunability. Well, you are in luck because today, we will share our top picks to upgrade your electric airsoft rifle!

PS: There will be a lot of information crammed into this article, so if you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us a message.

1. AEG Motor

An upgraded motor is one of the easiest ways to increase your fire rate and trigger response. Dropping one of these into your gun (depending on the platform) can be one of the easiest and least time-consuming upgrades. There are a plethora of motors on the market, so it is essential to compare and contrast your needs for your specific build.

One of these distinctions is High Speed versus High Torque. High torque gives better trigger response and more speed than your stock motor, while high speed is slightly faster but draws more power from your battery. The most crucial distinction is your gearbox type, i.e., V2 (long type) or V3 (short type). The type of gearbox will determine the length of the axis of the motor itself. There are so many great motors on the market. Some of our favorites are the Rocket Airsoft High Torque Motor, Action Sport Games INFINITY CNC Motor, and the WarHead Industries Brushless Motor.

Warhead Brushless Motor for AEG Airsoft Gun


Another incredibly effective upgrade for your AEG is the MOSFET. MOSFET stands for "metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor". Its primary purpose is to control how much electricity can flow between the power source and, in our case, the motor.

The MOSFET regulates the electrical current that powers the replica's motor, allowing the user to maintain exact control over the gun's fire rate and performance. 

The installation, however, can be tricky for the untrained tech, but most MOSFETs have clear and concise instructions on installing. Some MOSFETs, including GATE Titans, can be tuned via an app, making on-the-go tunability a breeze. Our favorite MOSFETs are the GATE Titan, JeffTron V2, and the PERUN V2 Hybrid

3. Inner Barrel

If you want to improve the performance of your airsoft gun, you can replace its original barrel with an aftermarket one made of brass or stainless steel. These barrels are usually polished to a higher grade and have a tighter bore, which can help increase your BBs' velocity.

To find the right aftermarket barrel for your gun, research or measure the length of your current barrel. This way, you can choose a replacement compatible with your airsoft gun and avoid buying one that is too long or too short. Bore is also essential and assists in your airsoft gun's accuracy. You can opt for a tighter bore of either 6.03mm or 6.01mm.

For an affordable aftermarket barrel, you might consider companies such as ZCI or Lambda. If you're looking for the best of the best, PDI and EDGI are the way to go. These barrels are made with high-grade materials and are polished to perfection, making them the ultimate choice for accuracy.

Hop Up and Barrel Assembly for AEG Airsoft Guns

4. Hop Up Unit

The hop up unit is the lifeblood of your airsoft gun as it enables the BB to travel further and hit targets with greater accuracy. You can achieve even more precise and longer-range shots by upgrading to a better hop-up unit.

"Hop up" stands for "high operation power up," and it works by applying backspin to the BB, increasing its range. While all airsoft guns come with a hop-up unit, the stock units are usually low-quality.

For immediate improvement in range and accuracy, we recommend looking into aftermarket hop-up units, but make sure to do your research first. Different replicas require different hop ups, and some obscure airsoft replicas might even have a proprietary design.

For most V2s (your M4 variants, ARP9s, and more), we recommend the MAXX hop up series (M4P PRO for HPA and M4A PRO for AEGs). We also recommend the RETRO Arms M4 Hop up chamber for V2s. For V3s (specifically AK-based replicas) we recommend the LONEX Enhanced HopUp Unit for AK series and RETRO Arms AK Hop Up Chamber.

5. Bucking and Nubs

The final AEG upgrades we recommend are the bucking and nub (they go hand in hand). Installing these parts will help enhance the performance of all the previous components. Additionally, they are cost-effective and easy to install!

The bucking is a small cylindrical piece of rubber that comes in varying degrees of hardness. It makes direct contact with the BB chambered through your hop up unit. The higher the degrees, the higher the FPS the bucking can handle.

It is important to gauge the hardness of your bucking accurately for your current or intended FPS. Incorrect degrees can have a negative impact on your range and accuracy. We suggest using 60-degree buckings for indoor airsoft guns. For outdoor airsoft guns up to 450 FPS with a 0.2g bb, we recommend using 70-degree buckings. For more powerful outdoor guns, such as sniper rifles, we suggest using 75 or 80-degree buckings.

Maple Leaf AEG Buckings in Various Degrees

Installing them is simple and easy. Just take the bucking and slide it over the end of your barrel. You will notice a short indent on your barrel and a small square (hop window). Align the indent with the protrusion inside the bucking and slide the bucking over the barrel. When building a barrel, it's essential to consider BOTH the bucking and the nub. The nub is a small plastic or rubber piece that applies pressure to the bucking via the hop up unit. It pushes down through the hop window and onto the bucking, allowing it to make contact with the BB.

Our bucking recommendations include the Maple Leaf Super Macron, Prometheus Purple, and the Madbull Red Shark two pack. As for nubs, either the Maple Leaf Omega Hop Up Tensioner, the Modify Baton Ryusoku, or the ORGA Dimension Hop Nub are great options.


To summarize, if you want to improve your airsoft rifle's accuracy and range, then you should consider these top 5 AEG enhancements - a new motor, MOSFET for precise control, a high-quality bucking and nub for better accuracy, a finely-tuned hop-up system, and a precision inner barrel. These upgrades not only enhance the overall efficiency of your AEG but also fine-tune the essential components that contribute to accuracy, range, and reliability.

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