High Pressure Air Transportation 101 - Amped Lines & IGLs!

High Pressure Air Transportation 101 - Amped Lines & IGLs!

Posted by Eric Tedeschi on Jul 14, 2022

High Pressure Air Transportation 101 - Amped Lines & IGLs

Here at Amped Airsoft, we strive to provide the highest quality Air Lines and Integral Grip Lines (IGL) to HPA users across the world. Our HPA lines are composed of durable wide bore line, wrapped in high-strength nylon sheathing to protect them from general wear and tear. These lines are also incredibly beneficial when compared to the stock 6mm macro line, allowing optimal air flow. This assists users with a higher refresh rate for their HPA system of choice. Our grip lines are made to replace the stock macro line that comes directly out of your HPA unit that is typically preinstalled with every engine. Each line and IGL are made in-house and quality checked here at Amped Airsoft, carrying a lifetime warranty. All standard Amped Line products are rated up to 200psi and not to be exceeded. When purchasing these products, there are several different factors that you must consider such as the weave type, durability, length, and engine compatibility.

Weave Types

Amped Line Weave Types

One of the most unique characteristics of our Air Lines and Integral Grip Lines is the plethora of different color and weave options available. The most common of these is our standard weave. This consists of a single layer of our basic nylon sheathed over our wide bore line. This option is the most economic compared to the rest of our weave types. Some examples of these are black, blue, red, and purple. The next type of line is our premium weave. These consist of two layers of our durable nylon sheathing, layered on top of each other to create diverse and unique color combinations while offering a second layer of protection for your HPA line. Some examples of these are gold under black, cotton candy, ogre snake, and blue checkered flag. Another option for our lines is our heavy weave. These consist of a single layer of a heavier, reinforced nylon, and brighter in color than our standard weave. This also offers a thicker layer of protection for your line. Some examples of these weave types are fire, black heavy, and jungle. The final type of sheathing we offer is our industrial weave. This type of sheathing is made from the most durable weave we offer, being made of a flexible metal material. These are the most durable line types we offer, providing maximum protection for your airline. Only being offered in two colorways, examples of this line are stainless steel and brass. When choosing one of our many Amped Line types, keep in mind that weave types are mostly personal preference, and every single line will function the same. Your HPA systems performance will remain consistent regardless of the weave type you choose.


Amped Lines can either be 36” or 42” in length to suit your individual needs. When considering these alternatives, keep in mind that this is all based on personal preference. Some things to think about are airsoft replica size, tank placement in your gear, and body type. When it comes to our Integral Grip Lines, we offer a predetermined length based on extensive research and development optimal for the many types of HPA systems. All IGLs are 10” inches in length, except the grip lines for the Fusion Engine, Valken V12, and Daytona Gun which are 8.2”. As for our Amped Grip Lines (AGL), the length is set at the shortest we can make them being 4.2”. If there is any kind of custom length you desire, please email sales@ampedairsoft.com to request custom lengths for all flavors of builds.

Amped Line on Airsoft Rifle

Engine Compatibility

There are many types of HPA systems to choose from, that is why we strive to make an Integral Grip Line for every type of engine out there! We produce IGLs for the Daytona gun, Polarstar Fusion Engine, Polarstar F1 and F2, Polarstar Jack 1.0 and 1.1, Polarstar Kythera, Protech MKII and MK2.5, Redline N7, Wolverine Hydra Gen1 and Gen2, Wolverine Inferno Gen1 and Gen2, Wolverine Reaper, Wolverine SMP, and Valken V12. As for our Amped Grip Line, they connect to any amount of macro line traveling from your HPA system. Our Amped Lines are compatible with all types of engines with the only exception being the Daytona Gun. If you run this system, you may select the single QD option to work with your Daytona gun. If your HPA system of choice is a Tippman, we produce a specific lineand IGL for you! We use higher pressure lines to help regulate the higher air output for this system. If for some reason you cannot find your compatibility or are unsure, shoot an email to sales@ampedairsoft.comso that you can get what you need!

Amped Line IGL - Integral Grip Line

Why Buy From Amped Airsoft?

Amped Airsoft was the ORIGINAL creators of the HPA Line and IGL. Our business and team have been the pioneers in the HPA airsoft world since 2011. All of our Amped Lines and IGLs are handmade in house by our team members in the production department! Every product was handcrafted and tested here at our shop in Pittsburgh, PA. They carry a lifetime warranty and you will always have the support of the Amped Airsoft customer service team! We are so proud and confident that you will love our products - and we stand behind them. Amped Airsoft is your go to source for all things HPA! To view our full selection of Amped HPA Lines CLICK HERE!

Amped Line Being Bagged and Labeled