Amped Airsoft's Top Picks For Fall! Gear Up & Stay Cozy!

Amped Airsoft's Top Picks For Fall! Gear Up & Stay Cozy!

Posted by Eric Tedeschi on 7th Oct 2022

utumn, the most comfortable time of the year to play airsoft in. As the leaves begin to change and cooler air sets in, there are plenty of amazing products that Amped Airsoft offers to keep you going both on and off the field during the changing of the season! Here are our favorite airsoft picks for Fall!

1. Apple Fritter Customs Fur Hand Warmer Pouch

The Apple Fritter Customs Fur Hand Warmer Pouch is one of the most useful pieces of gear that could be utilized as the weather becomes cooler. Lined with fur and available in plenty of different colors and camos, this American made, local product will keep your hands warm throughout the fall, well into the winter. Whether you use chest equipment or a battle belt, simply clip the Hand Warmer Pouch around your waste to prevent your fingers from freezing! Place some disposable hand warmers into them for an even more effective system of staying warm!

Apple Fritter Customs Fur Hand Warmer Pouch Apple Fritter Customs Fur Hand Warmer Pouch Splatter 2

Eric Manges on Twitter: "I'd have to agree with Patrick Star on this one. #NotRealFur" / Twitter

Maximum warmth. Many Cozy.

2. Amped Airsoft Skull Bolt Hoodie

What would sweater weather be like without a good hoodie? Lucky for you, the Amped Airsoft Skull Bolt Hoodie is available for purchase in both black and olive drab. These amazing hoodies allow you to rep your favorite Airsoft supplier both on and off the field while keeping warm. Pair these sweatshirts with a glass of cider or hot chocolate to achieve maximum tactical coziness!

Amped Airsoft Black Hoodie Skull BoltAmped Airsoft Olive Drab Skull Bolt Hoodie 2

**Amped Airsoft is not responsible for your girlfriend stealing your new coziest hoodie**

3. Polarstar x Amped RED Edition Fusion Engine

The newest addition to our colored Polarstar Engine line is our RED Fusion Engine. This colored internal component is one of the industry's leading HPA systems. With maximum tunability and air efficiency, the RED Fusion Engine will provide you with the capability to rule the field this Autumn. Not to mention, every order will include an exclusive Red Amped Airsoft Skull diamond patch, only available with this iteration of our Fusion Engine.

Amped Airsoft x Polarstar RED Fusion : Heinz Tomato Ketchup Single Serve Packets for Kids Lunch (200 ct Pack, 9 gm Packets) : Everything Else

**It has the juice**

4. KMCS AGM Adaptive Ghillie Mesh Packs

While the foliage and greenery disappearing from the forests this time of year, it becomes ever more important that the player finds a way to conceal themselves from the opposition. Enter the AGM Adaptive Ghillie Mesh from Kicking Mustang and Silly Ghillie. This “do it yourself” ghillie suit allows you to create a tailored hide for yourself. Available in both large and small packs, this lightweight, easy to work with material is bound to help you blend in to the background of the changing season.

KMCS AGM Adaptive Ghillie Mesh Large Pack by Kicking Mustang & Silly GhillieCall of Duty 4 Modern Warfare - All Ghillied Up Sniper Mission Veteran Gameplay - YouTube

5. Amped Airsoft: Bolt Bash

Our final seasonal recommendation is Amped Airsoft’s Bolt Bash! This community oriented event will be held here at Amped Airsoft HQ at 2250 Noblestown Road, Pittsburgh PA on October 15th from 11:00 AM until 7:00 PM! There will be food trucks, music, vendors, yard games, and the main event, our Swap Meet! Admission is free and includes an exclusive Bolt Bash patch and a raffle ticket! If you are planning to set up a personal booth, you can purchase one here! We hope that you can join us!

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