Amped Airsoft Christmas Buying Guide 2022

Amped Airsoft Christmas Buying Guide 2022

Posted by Eric Tedeschi on Nov 21, 2022

The holidays are right around the corner, and we here at Amped are more than happy to provide you with a gift buying guide for the Airsoft player in your life. From items to help them in their hobby, to big ticket gifts, we are here to help the best we can! Fun Fact, did you know that Santa's sleigh weighing 350,000 tons traveling at 650 miles per second would create such an enormous friction that Santa's sleigh and reindeer would burst into a ball of flames similar to a meteor entering earth's atmosphere? Very interesting! Anyway, here are our picks from across our catalog for the holidays!

Stocking Stuffers

BBs, any weight you prefer - From $4.99

For as long as I can remember, Santa has left a bottle or bag of BBs in my stocking on the mantle. They are a cheap and easy gift for any airsofter, and something we all use! If Santa is bringing your first Airsoft Gun this holiday season, we recommend pairing it with the .25 weight Elite Force BB!

Amped Airsoft BBs

Titan Li-po Battery Charger - $29.99

One of the most useful items we carry, the Titan Li-po Charger has plenty of practical uses both on and off of the field. This state of the art charger includes balance ports that support 7.4v, 11.1v, and 14.8v. It also functions as a standalone battery test device! This charger is a great gift for any airsoft player at any level!

Titan Lipo Battery Charger

Amped Line - From $35.00

Our classic Amped Line is the perfect gift for the HPA user in your life this holiday

season. Our in-house, hand-crafted HPA line is the most reliable in the world having gone through almost two decades of testing and field usage. If you are getting your first HPA airsoft gun this December or simply want a color change, this stocking stuffer is sure to be a great gift! We even offer an Xmas themed line! Check out our article about the different weave types and forms of function: High Pressure Air Transportation 101 - Amped Lines & IGLs!

Amped HPA Line

Under the Tree

G&G ARP9 CQB Rifle- From $259.99

This incredibly versatile gun from G&G Armament is sure to be a great gift for both beginners and intermediate airsoft players. The simple V2 gearbox and design makes it easy for upgrades and accessories to be added later on. They also offer different color schemes, resembling that of a string of festive holiday lights!

G&G ARP9 CQB Rifle

Guawin Laser Cut 42” Rifle Bag - $65.99

The Holidays are a great time to ask Santa to help make the transportation of your Airsoft replica easier and safer. Look no further than the Guawin Laser Cut Rifle Bag. This case features slots for two different guns as well as an outer pouch for pistols or other accessories. Still not enough room? The laser cut molle front panel allows for simple and easy expansion!

Guawin Laser Cut 42” Rifle Bag

Umarex Elite Force 1911 Tactical CO2 Pistol- From $139.99

This tried and true co2 pistol has been the workhorse of airsoft handguns for many players across the world for years. From its incredibly rugged construction and reliable co2 gas system, this gun is bound to impress any airsoft player this holiday season!

Umarex Elite Force 1911 Tactical CO2 Pistol

For Good Girls and Boys Only!

Umarex Elite Force Avalon Calibur II PDW- $464.99

The Elite Force Avalon series by VFC is one of our top choices for out of the box AEGs on the market, if not the best. Clocking in at 335 FPS, this gun is both CQB and Field play ready. Weighing in around 5 lbs, the PDW is incredibly maneuverable and controllable. This gun is worth every dollar and is a great gift for a player who is ready for a high end airsoft replica.

Umarex Elite Force Avalon Calibur II PDW

Haley Strategic D3CR-M Micro Chest Rig- From 174.99

If Santa ever needed a high speed, low drag chest rig, he would pick the Haley Strategic D3CR-M. This highly modular chest rig can be outfitted to carry nearly any replica magazine on the market as well as plenty of options for general purpose expansion. You can also add the Haley Flat packs via the strap system included with the rig!

Haley Strategic D3CR-M Micro Chest Rig

Wolverine Airsoft MTW PDW 7”- $709.99

The Wolverine Modular Training Weapon PDW is a fantastic option for those airsofters that want to be able to unwrap a completely built HPA rifle under the tree this year. This incredibly reliable and ready out of the box rifle boasts a milspec ready mounting system both on the buffer tube and rail system. Don’t forget yourAmped SLP starter kit!

Wolverine MTW