A Look Inside The Wolverine Tech Summit 2023

A Look Inside The Wolverine Tech Summit 2023

Posted by The Blog Squad on Aug 04, 2023


Tech Talk: The Wolverine Tech Summit 2023


calendar_today   AUG 4, 2023

or the last several years the US based HPA company, Wolverine Airsoft has invited us to their highly anticipated Tech Summit at their Kingsport, Tennessee headquarters. Wolverine Airsoft is known throughout the industry for their line of HPA products including the Reaper and Inferno engines, their Bolt System, Storm regulator series, the MTW and many more.

Amped Airsoft's entire tech department was fortunate enough to attend their yearly summit. Here they learned invaluable skills servicing and building airsoft replicas featuring Wolverine’s technology.

We've decided to sit down with our techs Terry, Justin, Tony, and Tom to share their experiences, tips, and great moments from the Wolverine Summit.

"There's a lot more that we as industry representatives can be doing to grow the industry. Events like this do a lot to bring different groups from across the world together to come up with new cool ideas to help improve and innovate the airsoft industry."
Tom C.
Head of Tech at Amped Airsoft

Main Takeaways from the Wolverine Summit

During their visit, the Amped techs participated in specialized classes focused on the Gen2 Inferno, delving into troubleshooting techniques and discovering various fixes.

I asked the techs what their key takeaways were. 

Tony mentioned that "the depth and complexity of the Inferno engine and its operating system was interesting" and that he was facinated with the "amount of engineering behind all of their products."

They were given exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming products, taken on a tour of the factory, and given the opportunity to explore the brand-new facility. During the tour, they witnessed the production of Wolverine's popular products.

"I loved seeing how the MTW was created and built," Justin explains.

Wolverine Airsoft Tech

Top Wolverine Picks from Airsoft Techs

Since our techs attended the Summit and work on Wolverine airsoft guns daily, we decided to discuss their favorite Wolverine products.

Terry states his favorite is the 7-inch MTW. "It is a perfect mid-range length rifle, super lightweight, and straight out of the box, the rifle shoots like a champ. It is the best gun to buy if you're looking for a plug-and-play HPA gun! One of my favorite features of the MTW is how the gun's body is built around the engine. This means no nozzle alignment or feeding issues... they also shoot lasers!"

Regardless of length, Tony and Tom also favor the MTW: "I love how well the replicas are built. They are built very well and feel solid in your hands.."

Tony explains. Tom agrees that the MTW is, "in my opinion, one of the most consistent airsoft replicas on the market, and the quality between guns is unwavering."

Tech Tips

As previously mentioned, the Amped techs attended troubleshooting classes. Wolverine provided each of them with an Inferno Gen2 unit that had a different issue, and they were required to work diligently to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair it. Wolverine's team was present to offer advice and guidance on resolving specific issues.

We asked the Amped techs for any advice they had for individuals interested in becoming airsoft technicians.

Wolverine HPA Assembly

Be Patient

Terry highlighted the importance of patience and problem-solving skills in tech work, "If you get frustrated and stressed easily, tech work may not be for you! You'll love tech work if you love problem-solving, building things, and creating innovative solutions. Starting with [pieces] and ending up with a finished product (that works) is a great, satisfying feeling!"
Wolverine HPA Assembly

Think Outside the Box

Tony encouraged thinking outside the box and remaining open to unexpected solutions, "Think outside of the box sometimes and if you run into an issue and can't figure it out, it may be something never would have thought of, or it could be something simple giving you issues. 'like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get'."

Wolverine Tech Summit 2023

Stay Organized & Ask for Help

Justin stressed the value of collaboration and maintaining an organized workspace to optimize productivity. "Keep a clean and organized desk. Don’t be afraid to ask other techs questions, multiple minds are always better than one, especially when building toy guns"

Install hop-up

Keep Learning

Even if you have been doing airsoft tech work for years, remain humble while wanting to learn more. The second you think you know everything, there will be something new and innovative on the market that might require one changes their outlook.

Final Thoughts

Our technicians had a great learning experience at the Wolverine Tech Summit, where they were also reminded of Wolverine Airsoft's dedication to innovation and excellence. We are glad that you enjoyed our first Tech Talk, and we look forward bringing you more in the future.

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