**COVID 19**

We are currently fulfilling online orders and now open for in store shopping Monday - Saturday 11AM - 7PM!

At this time orders are being shipped within our normal time frames.  

Due to working with less than normal staffing, we ask that if you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to our email sales@ampedairsoft.com.  We are accepting incoming calls, but may be unable to answer due to focusing on fulfillment of orders. Please leave us a message and we will call you back once available.  Email communication will be your fastest way to communicate with us as we monitor it constantly. 

We want to thank all of our customers who are still supporting us through this unprecedented time!

Please stay safe out there. 

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Is Amped Airsoft Online Store closed?
    No, Amped Airsoft's online store will remain open to accept orders.  Orders are shipping out daily and we are within our normal shipping time window.

  • Is Amped Airsoft's Walk-In Retail Store open?
    Yes, we are open and allowing in person shopping Monday through Saturday 11AM - 7PM! We are restricting our volume of people inside to groups of 5 and masks are required!  We are also fulfilling Curb Side pickup orders as well for those who would like to continue that! 

  • If I order, when will my order be fulfilled?
    Currently we are fulfilling orders within our normal fulfillment times.  All orders will be fulfilled as quickly as possible, however delays may occur due to evolving future situations.  We will contact you if there are any issues or delays.  At this point, delays will be unlikely.  If you purchase drop ship items, there may be slight lead times, but typically ship within 1-3 business days.  Some same day from our experience so far.  We appreciate your patience in this situation.

  • How do I place a curb side pickup order, how does it work? 
    When choosing your shipping method, please select "Curb Side / Event Pickup".  Upon checkout, please put in the comments that you would like to do a curb side pickup.  Once completed, you will receive an email confirming your order and that it's awaiting shipment.  At this point, please wait.  We will then pick and package your order.  Once ready, we will update your Tracking number to say "Order ready for pickup". This will then send you an email saying that your order has tracked and in the tracking field, it will say Order ready for pickup.  At this point you may come out to pickup your order.  Please arrive at our store located at 2250 Noblestown Rd. Pittsburgh PA 15205 and come to the front door.  Please ring the door bell located on the front door.  Someone will be out to great you. Please have your ID so that we can confirm your identity. 

    IMPORTANT: Please remember that our curb side pickup hours are Monday through Saturday 11AM - 7PM until further notice.  We will announce any further hour updates, so please keep an eye out!    
  • Will Amped Airsoft staff and customer support be available during this time? 
    We ask for customers to send emails to sales@ampedairsoft.com with their questions so that we can respond to them as we have time after fulfilling orders. We ask that order changes are avoided, as orders may be shipped before the email is seen.  We will be working diligently to get caught up with all of our orders as they come in.  We have opened our phone lines back up, however, if we are unable to answer your call, please leave a message and we will get right back with you as soon as possible.  Your BEST way to contact us will be via email as those are monitored frequently and are our preferred form of communication at this time due to time constraints.  Our email response time is extremely fast on weekdays.

  • What if I placed a Kythera or other pre-order?
    Your pre-orders are still here and are currently in production with PolarStar.  Please stay tuned for updates from PolarStar as this pandemic will more than likely delay their production slightly.  Please do not panic as this is to be expected and they are working as hard as they can during this uncertain time.  Backing out on pre-orders due to this delay is inevitably going to make this situation way worse, so please... be patient.  We are all in the same boat and in very rough spots.
  • How does drop shipping work when I place an order with a dropship item? 
    Drop shipping is actually a very easy process.  Simply place your order with the items you would like, and we will work with both companies to ship anything that we do not have in stock directly to you.  It's that

    Currently we have multiple companies products available for drop shipping, however, if you see something that is listed as out of stock, please shoot us an email at sales@ampedairsoft.com and we will see if we can have that specific item sent to you.   

    Drop shipping may add a little processing time in the event either company does not have the specific item ready, but rest assured, they have told us that they will work on producing it for you and sending them asap given the situation. Typical drop shipping ranges from same day processing to roughly 3 days depending on the item. Also please keep in mind that Wolverine MTW rifles are available for drop shipping, but they have about a 3-4 week production time. 

    If there is an issue concerning your order availability, we will contact you via the email you used to place your order.
  • What is this Governor's Order you speak of?
    Link to Governor's Order: HERE
  • How can Amped still ship orders if it is non-essential?
    Please take a look at the following FAQ concerning common questions about general business categories. Specifically #16.  It states that mail order and online fulfillment may continue with essential staff as long as social distancing is observed.  You can view the FAQ here: HERE