We Were Nominated for the Airsoft Player's Choice Awards

We Were Nominated for the Airsoft Player's Choice Awards

Jan 04, 2023

Amped Airsoft Nominated for the Airsoft Players Choice Top Airsoft Retailer and Best Airsoft Gear in North America

For Players by Players

For years, Amped Airsoft has striven to provide our fellow hobbyists, enthusiasts, and players with airsoft services that we, as airsofters, would want to receive. Because of this, and our fellow airsoft community, we have graciously been nominated for the  13th Annual Airsoft Players Choice Awards under both “Best Airsoft Retailer in North America” and “Best Gear Retailer in North America." To even have been considered for these awards means the absolute world to us here at Amped, and we could not do it without your continued devotion and support throughout the years.

Amped Airsoft Years Ago with Military Tent and Airsoft Community

For the last 15 years, Amped Airsoft's passion for airsoft and the growth of the community have been our main focus.

Amped Airsoft was established back in 2007 in Pittsburgh, PA. Kurtis, the owner, began with tech work and small sales out of the back his Gold Chevy Malibu, shortly after to be a Silver Hyundai Sonata. We would soon become pioneers in HPA, offering many of the then revolutionary PolarStar systems. We soon began developing our ground breaking “Amped Line” and “SLP Regulator." Come 2010, the first version of our website launched along with opening of the first brick and mortar location in the Pittsburgh area. Over the years, there have been a plethora of different Amped Airsoft ventures, including our national operation vending model, night vision department, and the ever improving air rig department.

The first Amped Airsoft Trailer and traveling airsoft store

Amped Airsoft has spent the last few years traveling to some of the largest airsoft events to bring airsoft essentials to you guys…

At Amped Airsoft, one of our favorite aspects of what we do, is our National Event vends across the country. From New England to New Mexico, we have been grateful to be a part of it all. Through all of our travels, we have met so many of you. You are the reason we do what we do. We undoubtedly are dedicated to providing everything we possibly can to our player base. Because of the philosophy, we are proud to call many of our players our friends. We are so excited to continue to attend countless events in 2023 and beyond.

Amped Airsoft's Don Tom at Grimnir Airsoft Milsim Event Captivus

We would love to hear about some of your favorite memories - tag us on IG and tell us about it!

This is only just the beginning…

The best is yet to come, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and grow with the airsoft community in 2023. We are excited to see where this will take us and we hope you continue to give us feedback so we can keep giving you guys what you want and need. Whether you're a new customer or someone who has been with us for years - we want to thank you for your dedication to airsoft and keeping this community awesome.

Vote for Us:

If you would like to support us for the  13th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards, please vote for us. We have been nominated for the following two awards:

  • Best Airsoft Retailer in North America
  • Best Airsoft Store in North America

We at Amped Airsoft would like to thank you for your vote.

Amped Airsoft Picks:

Random Guy Kev RGK Nominated for Best Airsoft News Website Airsoft Report

Random Guy Kev - written by Amped Terry

RGK (Random Guy Kev) is one of the most informative people in the airsoft community. From airsoft events to airsoft products, RGK is one of our go to guys. Whether he is there to ball out with everyone or there to create content, his presence is always a blessing! Super chill, down to earth, and welcoming to all levels of airsoft player. It is easy to tell he really cares about the community and companies that exist in the hobby. He goes out of his way to provide us with as much info as possible on his channel and blog, answering questions before they can even be asked. His content also provides personal experience and reviews from the field in order to inform players about gameplay that they were not otherwise in attendance for. Needless to say, RGK is an incredibly humble person and airsoft community member. Us here at Amped Airsoft are so very thankful for him and the incredible information he provides


RGK's "Airsoft Report" on YouTube

  Women of Airsoft Airsoftbrittney Airsoft Player Awards

Airsoft Brittney - Written by Amped Eric

One of our favorite “come up” stories of the last year has been that of our close friend Brittney. Airsoft Brittney exploded into the airsoft industry with her  instagram page of the same name (Airsoft Brittney). Only playing for about a year and a half, she has become one of our closest friends and a poster child for Amped Airsoft’s sponsorship program. Frequenting American Milsim airsoft games, we are able to constantly play alongside her and vouch for her character both on and off the field. We cannot wait to be a part of her growth in our hobby as she continues to rapidly grow.

Vote for Airsoft Brittney for SPECIAL AIRSOFT PLAYER (FEMALE)

Gun Gamers Media Airsoft Podcast and YouTube Videos

Gun Gamers - Written by Amped Tom

If you have never heard of Gun Gamers, make your way over to  the Gun Gamers Youtube channel and check out the industry leading content they produce. Their aim is focused on being informative while educating players on airsoft and the tactics to use on the field. The main thing that sets them apart from other channels is that they take a very “no nonsense” stance when they review products and services that pertain to airsofters. They are also constantly building the community in new and innovative ways. Their latest endeavor consists of their new event company, Gun Gamers Productions. Their new innovative 12 hour, non stop model with extreme levels of structure and organization allows players to experience a more demanding game while providing a simpler time commitment and inviting atmosphere.

Gun Gamers are long time friends of us here at Amped Airsoft. They are some of the few groups of Airsofters that seem to match the energy of us here at Amped Airsoft. Check out their youtube channel and see for yourself. Their inviting and friendly personas, both on and off the field are the reason they have our full support and backing in all their endeavors.

Vote for Gun Gamers here for BEST AIRSOFT PODCAST OR VIDEO