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Amped Custom Service - Custom Cerakote Service

Amped Airsoft Service - Custom Cerakote Service

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Product Description

Amped Airsoft now offers Cerakote Coatings for your favorite compatible Airsoft replica.
Please select the above options that pertain to your Cerakote project.  Please add the above options to your cart for each separate item you would like to Cerakote.  If wanting to Cerakote more than 2 magazines, please contact for bulk pricing on magazine coatings.
Our Cerakote process will only work with certain Airsoft Replicas made of metal or other high quality polymers (other gun-types are possible, but are subject to representative approval). 

There is up to a 3-week lead time for the Cerakote service, due to work volume, cure times and processing. We reserve the right to turn down any replica we deem unsafe or unable to be coated. This includes, but is not limited to, certain plastic/polymer bodies and components, certain items with trades or etchings that can get lost in the coating process. This coating process is not reversible.

Shipping to and from our facility is to be covered by the customer.

  • None of the Below Listed Packages Contain the PRODUCT.  
  • Described below is ONLY the cost of the service and associated materials.
  • Plastic orange barrel tips will not survive the coating process and will need removed. We recommend purchasing a replacement flash hider (muzzle brake) which will be covered in orange tape when shipped back. If you elect not to purchase a replacement flash hider, the threaded tip of the replica's outer barrel will be taped instead.

Introductory Packages
Package does not include shipping replica to Amped Airsoft LLC. If replica is purchased from Amped Airsoft LLC, it will not incur extra in-bound shipping. Local customers who hand-deliver replica will not need to pay shipping. We will not accept fully disassembled replicas due to the possibility of parts going missing in transit or storage.

$100 - AEG (Full Rifle)
            Cost Breakdown: Disassembly, Reassembly, Labor, Cost of Materials

$90 - GBB Pistol (In-House Disassembly)
            Disassembly, Reassembly, Labor, Cost of Materials

$65 - GBB Pistol Slide (Pre-Disassembled)
            Labor, Cost of Materials

$65 - Standalone Rail or Rail-sized Component (on a case-by-case basis)
            Labor, Cost of Materials

$25 per Unit - Magazines (Bulk Pricing Possible)
            Labor, Cost of Materials

Additional Colors:
$25 per Color - If you select a second color, you will be contacted by the painter within 1-2 business days to iron out the details of the pattern and style.

$10 per Stencil - If you opt to go with a specific stenciling (i.e., Hextek, Woodland, Multicam, etc.) there is an up-charge due to printing costs associated with the creation of the pattern and the extra level of detail work required to apply that pattern to the component. (i.e., Camouflage patterns inherently require multiple layers of Cerakote to properly coat the component evenly and maintain the pattern's integrity.)

Prohibited Items:
Bullpup (No TAVOR, AUG, etc.)
GBB Rifles
GBB Pistols
Cheap ABS Plastics

If you have any further questions, please contact us at 


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