Amped Airsoft - RAGNAR 3D Camo Helmet Cover (Desert Tan)

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Amped Custom - RAGNAR 3D Camo Helmet Cover (Desert Tan)

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Sooo... we hear that you wanted to put RAGNAR on your helmet, but wasn't sure how.  After receiving so many questions about it, we figured... hell... why not just offer them pre-cut to make it easy for anyone to do it.  

This RAGNAR 3D Camo Helmet Cover comes with zip ties so you can fasten it to your helmet of choice.  Simply drap over your helmet, choose how you would like to lay it out and secure it. It's that simple.

This specific kit color is Desert Tan.  If you want to get feisty, you can even mix and match the kits to go for a more versatile helmet camo setup depending on your surroundings.