Amped Airsoft HPA Rig - Dual Tank Wolverine STORM Rig

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Dual Tank STORM Rig for 13/3000 Tanks

Introducing the NEW Dual Tank STORM Rig! This rig comes in two configurations to suit any need; the Low Profile Rig and the standard Dual Tank Rig. Easily convert this rig for use with only one tank by simply installing an ASA Adapter.

  • The Low Profile Rig is designed with small assault packs in mind (Haley FlatPack, GMR MiniMap, Pantac MiniMap, etc). It must be used with 13/3000 tanks. This is a very rigid setup that minimizes sagging, and slims down bulky packs.
  • The standard Dual Tank Rig is designed to be used with any size tanks, and will fit into any pack both of your tanks will fit into. Made with a flexible stainless steel hose connecting the UFAs, this can be positioned in your pack however you like. 

Use an ASA Adapter if you want to only run one tank.

Do not use a UFA Plug with a tank attatched to the rig. The UFA Plug is only for storage of non-pressurized rigs to protect the UFAs.

Please Note: When using this dual tank air rig you must make sure to utilize both of the same tanks with the same output pressure. For example, you can not use a 90/4500 tank with a 62/3000 tank.  Likewise, you can not use both an SLP and non-SLP tank together. We encourage to also use the same brand of tank to make sure that both tank regulators are close in specification with each other. This goes for all dual tank air rigs on the market.
*tanks not included