Amped Airsoft Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Amped Airsoft Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Posted by Jay P and the Blog Squad on Nov 22, 2023

November 2023

The Ultimate Airsoft Holiday Gift Guide 2023

The holiday season is here, and whether you're an airsoft player or shopping for someone who is, we've made this comprehensive guide to help you pick the perfect gift! We've broken down some of this year's best products and gift ideas categorized for various types of players to ensure you pick the ideal gift for the Airsofter in your life.

Gifts for New Airsoft Players

1. Shop for Bundle Deals: Airsoft Bundle Kits include everything new players need to get out onto the field, including an airsoft gun, battery, charger, protective eyewear, and BBS.

2. Protective gear: Alongside the essentials, a player will need a gun bag, additional mags, and more. Check out our blog for everything you need to play airsoft for a full list!

Gifts for Any Airsoft Player

1. Airsoft Mystery Boxes: If you're not sure where to start - these mystery boxes contain a variety of Airsoft essentials, from gear to accessories, providing an exciting and economical way to kickstart or upgrade their collection.

2. Gift Cards: Not sure, opt for gift cards. Gift cards give players the freedom to select their gear or accessories, tailoring their choices to suit their preferences.

3. Arcturus PP-19 ZTAC SP1: Nominated as one of the top releases of 2023, this limited-edition CQB airsoft gun is equipped with premium features, including the Perun V3 PE MOSFET and the SV Saiga-9 Mock Shot Stabilizer. With a production run limited to just 500 units, the exclusivity of this model is bound to make an airsofter very happy.

4. Jag Arms x TTI JW4 Pit Viper Hi Capa: Another top nominee of 2023, this newly released Hi-Capa is modeled after Pit Viper gun that will be used in John Wick: Chapter 4

Gifts for the Stealthy Players

1. Silverback Airsoft Desert Tech SRS-A2/M2 22" Covert GEN3 Bullpup: Engineered for covert excellence, the SRS-A1 Covert Gen3 sniper rifle takes inspiration from elite police and military snipers, ensuring ultimate concealability and maneuverability on the airsoft field. Check out all of our sniper rifles here.

2. Ghillie Suits and Camouflage Gear: Ideal for players who run a DMR or a sniper. High-quality camouflage gear, including ghillie suits, helps them blend seamlessly into their surroundings. Popular YouTuber and airsoft sniper, Kicking Mustang has released his own line - check it out here:

Gifts for Competitive Speedsofters

1. Competitive Gear: If you play competitive airsoft, you know that the right gear is essential. Thats why we suggest Cubysoft's line of belts, pouches and rigs to keep things in place when you're sliding on the field.

2. AAP-01/AAP-01C: The AAP-01 has become the new Hi-Capa of the competitive world. With so many available upgrades and accessories, these budget friendly pistols are extremely popular in the speedsoft community.

2. Hi-Capa or AAP-01 Upgrades: If the person you are shopping for already has an AAP-01 or Hi-Capa, they are more than likely going to want to upgrade it (as airsofters - its what we do). Lucky for you we have PLENTY of upgrades available for both the TM Hi-Capa and the AAP-01.

Gifts for The Player Interested in HPA

1. Limited Edition HPA Unit: If you know someone who is interested in upgrading their airsoft gun to HPA, why not start them off with a limited edition HPA Unit. PolarSTAR and Amped Airsoft (thats us) have collaborated on limited edition colored units! Check them out:

Not sure which one to get? Check out our blog post "Which HPA Unit is Best for You"

2. Personalized HPA Line: Backed with a lifetime warrenty, the Amped HPA Lines come in a variety of colors, weave type, and lengths. Not only that, you can personalize them with custom text so you can add their name or call sign

3. HPA Starter Kit: Need more than just the line? Consider snagging an HPA starter kit. The Amped HPA Starter kit includes a tank, line and regulator & you can still customize the line. Check out all the options here!

Stocking Stuffers

Looking for stocking stuffers or just a little something extra? Grab some patches to personalize their gear, a speed loader for swift reloads, or some essentials like BBs, chargers and batteries.

Written by Jay P and the Blog Squad

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